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WEBER SPIRIT GRILLS.  Weber designed one of the most popular and innovative gas grills over 20 years ago - the Weber Spirit with a two burner system, long flavorizer bars, and pull-out drip pan.  We stock and sell cook grids, flavor bars, burner tubes, crossover tubes, igniter kits, warming racks and most other parts for the Weber Spirit series.

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Choosing Weber Cook Grids.  We stocked and sold genuine Weber factory cook grids for over 40 years.  As Weber prices increased, our customers looked for quality replacement cook grids at more affordable prices.  Recently, there has been a range of lesser quality alternatives on the web.  We decided to offer our customers high quality alternatives to Weber Factory Cook Grids.  Below we offer a replica stainless steel stamped grid set, much like Weber.  We also offer a solid, stainless steel rod set.  Both are listed below.
Aftermarket Stainless Steel Cook Grid Set For Weber
P/N 7521-AM
This aftermarket stainless steel cook grid set of 2 is made as an exact-fit replacement for Weber original equipment set part number 7521. This replacement cook grid set is made of high quality 304 stainless steel. This 7521-AM set can also be used as replacement for Weber porcelain cook grid set part number 7523. Each individual cooking grid measures 15 by 11 1/4 inches each to combine for overall size of 15 by 22 1/2 inches. (CG86SS Small Set) $54.99
Set of 2
Quantity of Sets:
Cook Grid Set
P/N 7523
Sorry, we do not stock or sell this part. Cooking Grids. Set of 2 porcelain-enameled grids for Spirit 500 and Genesis Silver-A gas grills. Individual cook grid measures 15 by 11 1/4 each to combine for overall size of 15 by 22 1/2 inches. (9867, 7523)
Choosing Weber Flavor Bar Sets.  We stocked and sold genuine Weber factory flavor bars for over 40 years.  As Weber prices increased, our customers looked for a quality stainless steel alternative, comparable flavor bar sets at affordable prices.  Recently, we have seen low quality alternatives offered on the web.  So, we decided to offer our customers a quality stainless steel flavor bar set.  Below we offer a stainless steel flavor bar set, much like Weber.
WFB-5S. Stainless Steel Flavor Bar Set. Made in the USA.
Sorry, we are now sold out of this flavor bar set and don't expect restocking until Spring, 2023. Please check back.
Made in the USA. This flavor bar set is an aftermarket stainless steel flavor bar set produced to replace Weber stainless set 7535 and Weber porcelain enamel set 7534. In response to customers looking for a quality, all stainless steel replacement flavor bar set at an affordable price, we now provide an alternative to Weber factory equipment. This stainless steel flavor bar set (5 bars) includes five bars that are 21 9/16 inches long. This flavor bar set is made of high quality 304 stainless steel and has a 18 gauge thickness. The lower the gauge number...the thicker the bar. This set is thicker than the 20 gauge flavor bars we see sold on the Internet. This quality stainless steel set is an upgrade from porcelain enamel bars. (5FB-S)
Flavorizer Bars
P/N 7535
Sorry, we are out of this part and can not supply.
Genuine Weber Stainless Steel Flavor Bar Set Found recently in our inventory Genuine Weber Bars in Scruffy, Dirty Original Weber Packaging. All bars have been examined and have no damage or defects.
Stainless Steel Flavorizer Bar set of 5 for Genesis Silver A and Spirit 500 gas grills. Flavor bars are 21 1/2 inches long. (Formerly 9886) 64.99
Flavorizer Bars
P/N 7534
While Supplies Last. Genuine Weber Porcelain Enamel Flavor Bar Set. At Reduced Pricing. Found recently in our inventory - Genuine Weber Bars in Scruffy, Dirty Original Weber Packaging. All bars have been examined and have no damage or defects.

Gas Barbecue Flavorizer Bars, porcelain enamel (5 Bars) for Spirit 500 and Genesis Silver-A. Flavor bars are 21 1/2 inches long. (Formerly 9811)
Set of 5
Quantity of Sets:
Weber Burner Tube Set for some for some Spirit 500, Spirit 500lx and Genesis Silver A
P/N 10459
Weber Genuine Factory Part. While Supply Lasts. Fits Weber Silver A, Spirit 500 and Spirit E-210 model years 2009 - 2012. (Controls on these models are to the right side of the grill). Includes front and rear burners which measure 27 inches and the crossover burner measures 10-1/2 inches, Weber instructions and hardware pack. Burners have built-in wire screen venturi spider guards. $49.99
Quantity of Sets:
Choosing Your Igniter Kit. We only stock and sell two igniter kits for Weber grills - kits used in early Weber gas grill models. Weber used two different kits for "earlier" Weber models: for the Genesis models made up to 2002 and then for the Silver A, B, and C models made from approximately 2002 to 2009. Both kits use and contain a push button igniter, stainless box to capture the spark and gas, and wires to connect the push button to the electrode and collector box. The Weber part number for these two kits is 7509 and 7510. We do not stock or sell any battery operated or electronic Weber Igniter kits.
Both kits had the same electrode, collector box and wires. No difference. Both had a push button igniter included. The only difference in the kits is the design of how the push button mounts on the control panel. In the Weber 7509 kit (for early Genesis models) the push button is threaded and a locking nut is included that holds it in place. The part number for our replacement kit that does this is BBQ-509. Later Genesis and Silver models used a push button that "pushes in" and is held in place by tabs - held in place by friction with tabs. It does not have threads on the push button. This is Weber's 7510 kit and our replacement kit is BBQ-510.Please use this information and our illustration to pick the correct kit for your grill.
Replacement Igniter Kit for Webers 7509 Igniter Kit
P/N BBQ-509
This igniter kit includes a push button igniter with threads and locking nut, a gas catcher ignition chamber with electrode and the black wire and the white wire to connect the electrode and collector box to the push button. (11B) $14.49
Replacement Igniter Kit for Webers 7510 Igniter Kit
P/N BBQ-510
This igniter kit includes a push button igniter that pushes in and is held firmly in place by tabs on the side of the button, a gas catcher ignition chamber with electrode and the black wire and the white wire to connect the the electrode and collector box to the push button. (10B) $14.49
P/N 40875590
(Sub to MCM 00120)
To provide customers with a quality, look alike, and less expensive alternative to the Weber factory knob, we are now stocking and selling an exact fit, light grey, same stem length, aftermarket knob made specifically for this model of your Weber gas grill. It has been sold successfully for years on the Internet as a replacement for Weber factory knobs. Part number MCM 00120. Same stem length, light grey in color. To have all the knobs on the grill match, we suggest ordering as many knobs as you need. (MCM00120). $5.49
Warming Rack
P/N 83758
Flat Chrome Plated Warm Rack. Sits across the back of the cooking surface in notches in the grill body. $14.95
Set of 2 Rails and 4 Mounting Screws
P/N 83704
By ordering this part number, you will get set of two rails plus the needed four screws to mount the rails. The rails and screws are all genuine Weber parts. (98056) $28.00
Per Set
( 2 Rails and 4 Mounting Screws )
Quantity of Sets:
P/N 85897
We will be doing an extensive warehouse inventory this fall for any stock we have of this pull-out Weber drip tray. We will update this listing with the results of our search on Thursday, December 1, 2022. Please check back. Thank you for your patience.
Pull out bottom tray under burner section. 9 1/4 by 16 13/16 inches. Does not come with catch pan holder or catch pan.
Aftermarket Replacement for Weber 7515 Aluminum Gas Grill Catch Pan and Holder
P/N AM-7515
Our Aftermarket Replacement for Weber 7515 is a high-quality replacement Gas Grill Aluminum Catch Pan and Holder Bracket. Designed to fit under the Pull Out Drip Trays for Weber Genesis Models 1000-5500, Genesis Silver B/C models. Measurements are 9.1 inches by 7.3 inches and 3 inches deep. Does not include aluminum catch pan liners. You can order the disposable pan inserts from our website using P/N 3300. $21.99
Quantity of Sets:
Drip Pans
P/N 3300
Weber Genuine Factory Part. Small Drip Pans. These drip pans are used in the Weber Genesis, Silver, and Spirit Series Grills to line the enamel catch pan in the pull out bottom tray. Each pan is 6 inches by 8 1/2 inches. 10 per package. Does not fit the Summit Series grills. (3300, 6415) $5.49
Pack of 10
Quantity of Sets:
Wheel - 8 inch Diameter with Hub Cap
P/N 4082850
New P/N 99252
Sorry, we do not stock or sell this part. Weber cart wheel. Weber now subs old wheel, 4082850, to a newly designed cart wheel for Genesis, Spirit, and Silver Series grills. The new wheel has the same dimensions as old part number 4082850, takes the same axle rod, takes the same push on black hub cap, and is still 8 inches in diameter. The difference is it is more modern, contemporary, or fancy in appearance. If you have the old wheel and want the wheels to match, order quantity two (2). Each wheel is shipped with one Weber hub cap (P/N 87101) at no additional charge. Sorry, we do not have extra Weber hub caps to sell separately.
P/N 85850
Sorry, we do not stock or sell this parts. This front, grey handle is made to fit the Weber Spirit 500 grills. Handle is 24 inches across the front. (85850/2 - 97880/7 - BG8/09)
Genuine Weber Grill Cleaning Brush
P/N 6464
Reduced pricing on overstock of our Weber Genuine Grill Brush. Recently found in our warehouse inventory. This Genuine Weber Grill Cleaning Brush has an 18-inch-long bamboo hardwood handle with a leather strap for hanging brush on tool holder or utensil hooks. And notched scraper on the end to remove stubborn materials. (6422, 6464, 1647) [WHD]. $10.00
Weber Cover
P/N 7550
Genuine Weber Factory Cover made by Weber to fit Silver A and Spirit 500 models.
We recently found in inventory brand new 7550 covers - They are in the original Weber 4 color boxes (boxes are scruffy and dirty) but the covers themselves are still packaged in original inner plastic bag. Covers are in new condition. This cover is no longer available from Weber and we are selling them at a discount. While they last. (9855/9934/7550)
Genuine Weber Vinyl Cover
P/N 9850
Limited Quantities Available. We found a limited quantity of these Genuine Standard Heavy Duty Weber Covers in our warehouse. They have been discontinued for quite some time. The overs are still sealed in the original vinyl packaging that was inside the Weber four color box - but the boxes have long since been thrown away. Sorry. This cover was made to slip over the grill and just go halfway down - only covering the upper half of the grill. They do not cover the full cart. Approximate measurements are 22 by 53 by 14 inches. Fits Silver A and Spirit 500. $35.00
Manifold Assemblies, Valves, Orifices
Sorry, we do not stock or sell any manifold assemblies, valves, orifices, regulators, hose and regulator assemblies or conversion kits for any Weber gas grill.
Manifold Assemblies, Valves, Orifices
Other Weber Parts
All the parts we stock and sell for Weber grills are listed on our website. We do not stock or sell any other Weber parts. If you don't see the part on our website, please try Weber Customer Service.
Other Weber Parts





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