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For easy ordering, we offer parts lists and model information for Ducane models. All the Ducane parts we stock and sell are listed on the website. You can click on the individual Ducane part numbers to place them in your shopping for easy ordering.

  If you know your Ducane Model number, select your model from the drop down list below to get a parts list of what we stock and sell.
Ducane Model List:
  As a Ducane dealer/distributor for over 30 years, we continue to have a large inventory of Ducane original factory parts. If the original Ducane part is sold out or discontinued, we normally have a replacement part made that is an exact fit, high quality replacement for it. You can find both in our by entering your original Ducane part number in the look up box to check price and availability.
Ducane Parts We Stock and Sell:


  Scroll down for a listing of Ducane classic models and click on your model for a parts list for ordering.
We divide our Ducane parts listings into the Three different categories of Ducane grill offerings over the years.
Scroll down or click on your category listing below to go to the parts we offer.
   1. Classic Ducane Models. Original Ducane models - usually from 2005 or older.
   2. Home Depot Stainless Steel Models - Usually 2002 to 2008
   3. Stainless Ducane Affinity Models - Sold after 2000
Classic Ducane. These are the original Ducane models manufactured by Ducane based in South Carolina. We were authorized Ducane dealer for the entire life of the Ducane company, We believe we have the largest selection of parts for these "classic" Ducane grills in the country - with excellent quality and reasonable prices.
Below are Ducane Classic model numbers for models ending with the two digits "05".
Below are Ducane Classic model numbers for models ending with the two digits "04".
Below are Ducane Classic model numbers for models ending with the two digits "02".
Click below for parts list for Ducane's Classic South Fork model - a "special" Ducane grill from the 1990s.
SF-2SLPE (South Fork)
Click below for parts list for Ducane's Classic Par-T-Grill model - a "special" Ducane grill from the 1990s.
Par-T-Grill PT-4SLPE
Below are Ducane Classic model numbers for models ending with the two digits "00".
7100 7100R 7200 7200R
Below is the Parts List for the Ducane Classic Table Top Grill.
 Take It or Leave It (Table Top Model)
Model F7011013 / Firelight II
Firelight 2 Portable Propane Barbecue/Camp Stove

Sorry, we have no parts for this Ducane portable grill
and do not know where any parts could be found it.

2 and 3. Weber purchased the assets of the Ducane company some years ago and began manufacturing two new series of Ducane gas grills. We stock and sell parts for these grills.  Please read paragraphs 2. and 3. that follow for more information on parts for Ducane grills sold by Weber.

2. Ducane Stainless Steel Home Depot Models.

Click here to go directly to our page featuring the burners, heat plates, and many, many other parts we stock and sell for Ducane models that Home Depot has sold. You will find part numbers, descriptions, price and availability and place shopping cart orders there.

3. Ducane Affinity Models.
  After Weber purchased the Ducane brand name and factory, they began selling two new model lines of Ducane gas grills. One model series of stainless steel grills were sold through Home Depot. We stock and sell heat plates for those grills and that information is available from the box above.
  Another series was the Ducane Affinity series, primarily sold through gas companies and barbecue retail stores. A few models found their way to big box stores. We stock and sell burners and flavorizer bar sets for these. Models are listed below.
Click Here to Go to Listings of the Affinity Parts We Stock and Sell.
  Ducane Affinity Model List
As an added convenience, we have compiled a list of Ducane Affinity model numbers and provided a parts list of the Ducane parts for stock and sell for these models. We normally stock and sell burners, heat plates, control knobs, and rotisserie burners for Ducane affinity models.
  Select your model from the drop down list below to get a parts list of what we stock and sell.
Ducane Affinity Model List:
  Ducane Affinity Parts Look Up
  If you know your Ducane part number, enter it in the parts lookup box below to see if we stock and sell it, get a price, and place an order.  Unfortunately, if your part number does not show up in our parts listing, we do not stock or sell the part.  Sorry.
Ducane Part Number:


If your model number is not listed above, click here for Ducane inquiry form.

Ducane Parts We Stock and Sell
We Stock and Sell the Ducane Parts Listed Below.
  • Burners
  • C-shaped burner supports
  • U-shaped burner supports
  • Sear Grids/Cook Grids
  • Lava Support Grates
  • Rotisserie Burners
  • Briquettes
  • Rotary Igniters
  • Push Button Igniters
  • Control Knobs
  • Hood Knobs
Ducane Parts We Do Not Stock or Sell
We Do Not Stock or Sell the Parts Listed Below.
  • Gas valves
  • Warming racks
  • Posts
  • Wheels
  • Cart parts
  • Pedestal
  • Cart base kits
  • Top or bottom castings.
  • Covers
  • Rotisseries
  • Accessories

Ducane grills have a loyal following for their unique cooking system. Most models are designed with a rear rotis-a-grate burner and two main burners under the cooking surface to provide cooking versatility. We stock and sell all the most important parts for Ducane grills

In the box above, we list the numerical section of the Ducane model numbers.  By clicking on your model number, you will go to your model's parts list and be able to order parts on our secured, on-line, shopping cart. Select the model number in the list that coincides with the number in your grill model.  The letters (e.g. SHNE) pertain mostly to cart mountings and side shelf styles and don't affect the ordering of burners, grids, grates, knobs, etc.

Ducane Gas Grill Parts

BURNERS. Most Ducane grills have a left and right burner. Some are shaped like a "P" and others are shaped like an "S". We stock and sell the burners for Ducane gas grills in both shapes. The burners are made of stainless steel and come with the electrode and bracket as part of the burner kit. We also stock other Ducane burners and they are shown on the individual parts lists by model number.

ROTIS-A-GRATE BURNER. We stock and sell the rotis-a-grate burners. They are available on the individual model parts list.
COOK GRIDS. For all Ducane models, Ducane has now gone to stainless steel cook grids. We stock and sell the two-piece stainless steel cook grid set now called a SEAR GRID. In cases where the original Ducane model had a porcelain coated cook grid, we stock and sell the stainless steel replacement.
LA-VA-GRATE. The Ducane Stainless Steel La-va-Grate is the one-piece grate that sits above the Ducane burners and holds the ceramic briquettes. There are approximately 5 different sizes of Ducane La-va-Grates. We stock and sell all the sizes. We also have the ceramic briquettes for each size and they can be ordered through the model parts list.
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